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DVB MPEG Multiplexer

Proto Tech's DVB MPEG Multiplexer is a software component of a DTV Head-End Application Suite which multiplexes selected streams from external DVB feeds. It is capable of demultiplexing and multiplexing selected video and audio streams as well as parse EIT / EPG information, Teletext and most other Meta Data present in MPEG transport streams. This allows embedding of multilingual audio stream, camera angles, original teletext and other useful Meta Data in the output MPEG Transport Stream.

Such versatility is accomplished through a novel approach to the Demultiplexing / Multiplexing paradigm by utilizing low-cost computer architecture such as Unix or Windows™, with ultra-fast Kernel Mode programming in synergy with a multitude of state-of-the-art hardware network interfaces.

Such an approach easily allows one to saturate the bandwidth of Motorola SEM, while maintaining the expandability and configurability of a software solution.

Proto Tech's Provisioning Server is compatible with many Set-Top Boxes and a variety of hardware/software platforms.

Proto Tech has an established track record for supplying stable digital DTV Head-End software
for Unix and MS-Windows´┐Ż platforms.


The application of the Video-On-Demand Server in a typical DTV Head-End system is depicted in the diagram below:

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As illustrated above, Proto Tech's DVB MPEG Multiplexer interfaces with the SEM via the Gigabit interface to feed the assembled MPEG Transport Stream to the HFC network.

The DVB MPEG Multiplexer is a multithreaded application compatible with uniprocessor SCO-Unix or multiprocessor MS-Windows´┐Ż NT family of operating systems, including but not limited to MS-Windows™ Server 2003.

Proto's strong reputation for excellent front-end performance, innovative features and stable solutions has made the company a major player in its chosen markets.

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