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Digital TV Provisioning System

Proto Tech's Provisioning Server is a software component of a DTV Head-End Application Suite which provides authorization and provisioning of DTV Set-Top Boxes via integration with the customer's CRM and Head-End hardware such as the Motorola™ DAC and SEM.

 Proto Tech's Provisioning Server is compatible with many Set-Top Boxes and a variety of hardware/software platorms. Its interface with CRM systems is completely customizable.

Proto Tech has an established track record for supplying stable digital DTV Head-End software
for Unix and MS-Windows� platforms


The application of the Provisioning Server in a typical DTV Head-End system is depicted in the diagram below:

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As illustrated above, Proto Tech's Provisioning Server interfaces with the Motorola� DAC via a RS2-232 multiplexer. Simultaneous utilization of all available COM interfaces allows for better performance and the possibility of deploying large installations of up to 500 000 Set-Top Boxes, even with multiple branch offices / plants.

The Provisioning Server also provides a text mode Provisioning Management Interface (PMI) for Service and IT personnel. Communication is accomplished through a regular SSH client via TCP/IP protocol and consists of 32 commands.

The interface to customer's CRM is accomplished through one of the following database protocols and is fully customizable:

The customization of the CRM interface is performed for an individually negotiable fee, on-site remotely via MS-Terminal Services� or VNC.

Optionally, the Provisioning Server provides an interface to a Video-On-Demand Server (VOD) end Program Listing Server (EPG, EIT) for implementation of conditional access Pay-Per-View systems (PPV).

The Provisioning Server is a multithreaded application containing its own proprietary database for the maintenance of DAC & SEM state information on high-availability of CRM data.

The Provisioning Server can be hosted on uniprocessor SCO-Unix or multiprocessor MS-Windows� NT family of operating systems, including but not limited to MS-Windows™ Server 2003.

Currently supported DTV platforms:

Cisco / Scientific Atlanta


Samsung Set Top Box

Proto's strong reputation for excellent front-end performance, innovative features and stable solutions has made the company a major player in its chosen markets.

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